Monday, October 24, 2011

No time to idlle!

So, I'm the first to slap my hand at being soooo very delinquent at blogging. I ensure you I had the best of intentions. However, while I haven't been blogging, I have been creating-alot. It started with those three darn books I mentioned in previous post before one yard wonders and Big Felt Little Universe. I'm nutz about creating my kid's toys now. However, before I dove into crafts I did make it my priority in September to sew the kids Halloween costumes- Collin told me he was going to be a brown puppy and the baby was going to be a pink puppy. So, that's what I made. I'll post the photos after Halloween:) Moving on, I've made felt cookies, cake, pasta, tomato, bannana with removable peel, strawberries and a miserable looking jam sandwhich(after the fact I realized I used the wrong batting). But the really big commotion going on in our home is that I have decided to take the big step and try selling my goods at a craft sale. Since you can find felt food toys in quite a few places you can't find fun and little kid appropriate camp stuff, so, I tried a teepee from the book: Growing Up Sew Liberated. The teepee turned out great. Then I did a felt 3-dimensional fire with 3 felt logs-the two were and still are a huge hit with my kidos! So, for the craft sale I'll have a ton of these 3'x3' teepees that fold up and out in a breeze and campfires. Time permitting I thought I'd try to get some felt counting cookies done too, they're a set of 6 with the "chocolate chips" ranging 1-6 to help little ones count. Of course if we are talking about having time I also have a few sets of "cutable fruit" cut out. These are so darn cute. they're made in 1/2 sections with magnets or velcro so that you can "cut" them apart! There are soo many cute things I want to make for the kids (and to sell for some profit:)) but the time and my husband's patients are the big factors (the house gets alittle messy when I'm sewing instead of anything else-what can you do? Anyhow, here are some photos of some of the mentioned creations-Enjoy.

Have your cake without the calories!

These are turning out so great-This was a test run with some light cotton. The ones I'm making for the sale (November 19th;10-3pm at the Orchard, Baldwin, WI) are heavier duck cloth which sews like a dream!

This is "the book" that got me hooked. I don't have any photos of the campfires that I've made but here's pretty much what they look like. I think I'm going to have to get going and get some smores done too!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eyes too big for free time...

I think I tainted my poor sister in-law, sorry Ilisa. She came by so our kidos could play and I gave her a look-see at the recent purchases I made: One yard wonders, Sew Liberated-growing up and Big Little Felt Universe. Now she's addicted! I totally can relate. I thought I was going to have to quite my job with all the projects I was lining up in my head. Now, I've collected my sanity and constructed an organization/prioritized list (I'm a chronic list maker) of the projects on my horizon. I hope to get the first few posted this weekend-I just have to find my camera!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Here we go!

Lately I've been overwhelmed with creative projects for sewing, baking and home decorating so I decided that I'd start a blog, a first for me. My goal is to post once a week in the different hobby sections I've set up. I'm hoping it helps me focus and discipline the creative juices so they stop running into my work life!

What am I working on? The last 6 months have been I've been heavily into cakes-however, I got burned on an unsatisfied customer who bashed my work-a bit of a turn off. So, I switched gears and began making play food for my son and daughter, out of felt. It began with a simple google for more info and I stumbled into this felt universe! I've made a few things (see Felties page) but have high hopes to construct a pantry (toddler size) for the kids.

Also, I bought the book one yard wonders: buyer be ware!!! It's like crack to crafters. There is seriously a project for everysingle person I know in there and more-really does the neighbor's dog really need a christmas gift.

I need an intervention. However, I don't believe my family has an idea of how bad my obsession with crafting has become I have taken it upon myself to intervene with a solution-BLOGGING!

If you're reading this and have no idea who I am- check out my profile for details but to sum it up I'm a mom of a 2.5 yr old boy and 1yr old baby girl, married to a K-9 officer, and work full time for the state as a regulator-hydrogeologist actually-but enough with the boring stuff, let's get crafting!!!

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